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Bring Out The Tall Tales

Authored By: Avijit Sarkar & Santosh Bakaya

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789388859097

Year of Publication: 2019

Pages: 300

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  English Literature

Price in Rs. 280.00

                             Price in (USA) $. 22.4

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 A die-hard romantic, a perennial dreamer, Dr. Santosh Bakaya, is the recipient of the International Reuel Award for Writing and Literature [2014] for her long poem Oh Hark!, the Universal Inspirational Poet Award 2016, conferred jointly by Pentasi B Friendship Poetry group and the Ghana Government [May 2016]. Some of the other awards that she has received are, THE INCREDIBLE WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2015 award instituted by The Incredible Women of India, THE AAGMAN TEJASWANI AWARD 2017, [AAGMAN GROUP], LAASYA 2017 AWARD-A winning woman with beauty, happiness and grace [SUBH Power collage Consultants], Bharat Nirman Award for Literary Excellence 2017.

She is an academician-poet-essayist-novelist-Ted speaker whose three earlier mystery novels, written as Santosh Magazine [The Mystery of the Relic, The Mystery of the Jhalana fort and The Mystery of the Pine Cottage] for young adults were very well received in the earlier 2000s.

Her other books are: Where are the Lilacs? [Poems, Authorspress, 2016]; Flights from my Terrace, [essays, Authors Press, 2017]; Ballad of Bapu, a poetic biography of Mahatma Gandhi [Vitasta Publishers, Delhi, 2015], Under the Apple Boughs [Poetry, Authorspress, Delhi 2017] and A Skyful of Balloons [Authorspress, Delhi 2018]

Extensively interviewed and featured in e-zines, world-wide, she has contributed in many national and international anthologies. Translated into many languages, her poems have figured in the highly commendable category in Destiny Poets, a U. K based poetry website, and appeared in Café Dissensus, Learning and Creativity-Silhouette Magazine, in Incredible Women of India, in Mind Creative [an Australia based e-zine] In Brian Wrixon’s anthology, Episteme, [Mumbai], in Setu – A Bilingual e-zine published from Pittsburgh, Atunis, OPA, Songsoptok, Raven – Cage, She – The Shakti, Tuck Magazine and, where she was also nominated for the Writer of the year, 2017.

Her short stories figure in Silhouette 1 and 2, Defiant Dreams, Mock, stalk and Quarrel.

She has co-edited Umbilical Chords: An Anthology on Parents Remembered, [Global Fraternity of Poets, Gurgaon, Haryana]; Darkness there but something more [Blue Pencil 2017]; Cloudburst – The Womanly Deluge [Global Fraternity of Poets, Gurgaon, Haryana]; and Muted Moans Unleashed – An Anthology against Gender Abuse [AuthorsPress, 20180

Although hailing from Kashmir, India, she stays in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India with her husband and university going daughter.


About the Book


It is not too ambitious to remark upon the symbiosis of text and image resembling Saint- Exupéry’s own original watercolors in “Le Petit Prince” in the sepia tones, clean lines, and clarity of the essential, captured in Sakar’s artful contributions to Bring out the Tall Tales.

Michele Baron [cover page blurb]

About the Author


Avijit Sarkar is a writer, poet, musician, illustrator and philanthropist from Sydney, Australia. Also the editor/publisher of a monthly e-zine, The Mind Creative. He has been writing prose and poetry for over 20 years now and has been in the music industry for over forty years. His first book A Turn of Events – A Ccollection of 14 Short Stories was published in Australia in 2017 by Ginninderra Press, Adelaide. The book has received wonderful reviews from both readers and critics. Incidentally, it also raised over $16,000 for cancer research in Australia. Today, proceeds from all his creative pursuits are donated to charities and medical research.


Avijit is a prolific illustrator, having illustrated many books for writers across the world and his cartoons have been published in many newspapers including The Times of India in the mid-eighties.


He is the director of “Natraj Academy” – a music school in Sydney where he has trained hundreds of voices in variety of music styles, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary.