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Bouquet And Garlands

Authored By: Mahadeva R Iyer

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789388859462

Year of Publication: 2019

Pages: 156

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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In this second compilation of poems, “Bouquet and Garlands, Volume II, the author has included 69 of his English poems composed during the period 2007 to 2018. The poems are based on his interaction with people from all walks of life – friends, relatives, scientific workers, students.

The first compilation of 41 poems was published by Authorspress, New Delhi in 2007.The message he wants to convey again through his poetry is to realize and control the aberrations in human behaviour and carrying a message to lift human beings to a sublime level to control such tendencies which he feels is at the bottom of the many personal problems in human relationships. They reflect on the ultimate futility of ego and self-projection. Some of the poems are of a lighter vein and invokes pun to highlight the vagaries of modern life which leads to often conflicting styles of life. A few Elegies on the demise of noted personalities are also included. Due to his professional background as a scientist, some poems incorporate scientificprinciples and a few scientific analogies are often used. Some contain lessons to be learnt from nature and are allegorically projected to human life.An intrinsic message of peace and tranquility runs through the poems. The author tries to bring together and reconcile the ultimate objectives of science and religious philosophy which merges at the highest level.His poems show his eagerness to deliver a message and lead one to some profoundthoughts relevant to modern times.

The compilation also contains 11 Malayalam compositions. There is one section that contains English translation of Kunjan Nambiar’sfamous Malayalam couplets whose messages defy the times. English translations of Thiruvalluvar’s Kurals related to medicine which again is applicable stunningly to our times are included in another part. Some Tamil translations of his own English poems by Vijaya which is noted for its simplicity and retaining the original flavor are also included. His Bouquet and Garlands has also been translated into Tamil (Poonkothum Poomalayum) by a Tamil literary figure Dr. Vridhachalam Subramanian and published as a separate book in 2015. The last section includes the striking poetic work of a young child’s mind which illustrates how the thought stream behind poetic compositions differs from that of an elderly mind.

About the Author


Dr. Mahadeva R Iyer was born in Trivandrum in 1937. After post-graduation he joined the Atomic Energy Establishment Trombay (now BARC). He got his doctorate in Physics in 1971, was a research guide of the Mumbai University and guided more than 15 students for their doctorate degrees. He served BARC in various capacities and headed the Radiation Safety Systems Division from 1991 to 1994.He has authored more than 150 scientific publications and delivered several lectures. He was a Safeguards Inspector with the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, Vienna for 6 years till 1999. After his retirement he continues to work as a consultant to the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board. He was a member of the Kudankulam public awareness committee to allay the fears of the public on nuclear power. He is also a free-lance writer and has written several articles on scientific policy matters. He has recently authored a book, Compendium of Memoirs of late Dr. A K Ganguly, his mentor on his centenary year 2018.

From his student days he has taken deep interest in English and Malayalam literature. He is also a Kathakali enthusiast. After retirement he continued his passion for poetry and has composed more than 120 poems. His first compilation of 41 poems, Bouquet and Garlands was published in 2007 and a translation of Jnanapaana, (Milkpot of Wisdom) in 2011. Through his poems he leads to some profound messages relevant in modern times.