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Barber, The King

Subtitle: Translated from Telugu by Dr. K. Santha Kumari

Authored By: D. Vizai Bhaskar

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789388332873

Year of Publication: 2019

Pages: 170

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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Dr. K. Santha Kumari is working as an Assistant Professor in English in P.B. Siddhartha College of Arts and Science. She received best student award for her Masters Degree in English. She started her teaching career in 2008 and continuing it with good spirit and enthusiasm.She participated and presented papers in many National and International seminars.She published many articles in reputed journals and seminar proceedings. Some of her papers received best paper award. She received an award from Department of Language and culture on International Women's day for her contributions in the field of literature.This book Barber, the King is her debut translation, which deals with the central character Rajigaadu becoming Rajayya, who stands as a symbol of social upliftment power and authority.


About the Author


Dr. D. Vizai Bhaskar is an erudite man of extraordinary potential to attempt the subjects of varied kinds through his writings. Born at a very simple village named Ampolu in Srikakulam district, he imbibed the quality of establishing nativity and dialecticism in his works with committed passion and comfortable ease.

His love of art, specificity in terms of selecting subjects to write, dedication towards his work, good administration skills, craftsmanship in executing plans display his multifaceted personality. His special interest towards literature and theatre is praiseworthy. His wide range of literary interest covers puranic myths, traditional practices, gender relations, caste and class stratification, new political paradigms, Protection and progress of marginalised groups, family and social reforms. Simple rhetoric, subdety in expression, slight humour, relevant figures of speech, proper setting, plot construction, narrative technique, dialogic, characterisation, comprehensive themes, radical ideology are some of the outstanding features of his writings.

This play Raajigaadu Rajayyaadu translated as Barber, The King is a social reformist play, which aims at bringing social or political system closer to community's ideal. The play deals with the predicament of an underprivileged Barber, Rajigaadu. As the play progresses we could see the growth of the character Rajugaadu not as a person but as a symbol of power and authority. The ultimate victory of the protagonist, Raajigaadu as Rajayya, the Sarpanch stands as an exaltation and stimulates all downtrodden and neglected communities to assume power at all levels of authority. This play is from his 'Sootha Theatre' which institutionalizes Sootha Maharshi to enfranchise himself as 'solo performer' of the world and contrived/shaped modern sootha as the spokesperson representing the most backward classes who remained unattended by the society and the government.