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Memorable Melody Makers And Other Poems On Music

Authored By: Elanaaga

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789388859998

Year of Publication: 2019

Pages: 118

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

Price in Rs. 206.50

                             Price in (USA) $. 16.52

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Elanaaga’s actual name is Dr. Surendra Nagaraju. He was born in Elgandal village of Karimnagar District, Telangana State in 1953.

A doctor (Paediatrician) by profession, Elanaaga is also one of the leading poet- translators of Telugu literature. He penned 22 books so far. Eleven of them belong to poetry while the rest belong to other genres. Eleven works were originally written in Telugu, while the other 11 are translations. His books include those of free verse, metrical poetry, experimental poetry, language related essays, standard cryptic crossword puzzles, translations of prose and poetry etc. Besides translating Somerset Maugham’s The Alien Corn into Telugu, he rendered Latin American Stories, African stories, Somerset Maugham’s other stories and world stories as well and published them as books. He has also translated three Telugu books into English. Of late, the central Sahitya Akademi, Delhi has published his translation of Pavan K. Varma’s Ghalib: The Man, The Times under the title, Ghalib Nati Kalam.

Several hundreds of his poems, essays, stories, book reviews etc. belonging to different genres of Telugu and English were published in various magazines in the last 45 years.