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Subtitle: with every heartbeat you were mine once upon a time

Authored By: Prachi Prangya Agasti

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 978-93-5207-099-2

Year of Publication: 2015

Pages: 200

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

Price in Rs. 206.50

                             Price in (USA) $. 16.52

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“Someone who loves you wouldn’t put itself in a position to lose its beloved, because the best thing one can offer in love is its own presence.”

June who has always been disposed to look on the bright side, to seek for gleam masked in almost everything, in a twist of fate; entwines with a person fleeing from the glitters of good things. And Brian’s life is never the same when June ends up as his partner in high school.

When the ‘firefly’ illuminated his griddle, he found hope trickling down from the possibilities. Being stuck with June shows him the depths of the human heart and leads him to a decision so stunning it would send irrevocably on the road to battle his emotions.

It is said in love the higher you climb, the further you fall. When light invaded the dark once affairs of the hearts were risked. What will happen when the ‘firefly’ itself burns everything down? But curveball is one way of life strangling over and gambling through the love, trust, sacrifice and broken promises, will the two heartbeats seize their love forever or the light would eventually burn everything down?

The story is a pristine sketch of a love which rides through every darkening of late and the azures of the bright.

About the Author


The person I am is a result of n number of ties’ and tion’s (modification, subjection, realization, maturity, experiences) for the last twenty years. I am Prachi Prangya Agasti, an undergraduate pursuing my B-TECH in College of Engineering and Technology, Odisha. For me my identity goes to my parents who gave me life and recognition more than birth, my friends who gave me memories more than moments.

I graduated from D.A.V. Public School, Bhubaneswar Odisha. And from the time in school since ninth grade I have been passionate about writing and for a very long time. By the end of High-school I could come up with my own stories and poems and get reviewed for the same by some friends. Then few months later, I found my way to get my priced possessions blogged to touch people’s hearts. (

In the months leading up to graduation, I was frequently in a panic state at home, unsure about what to do with my life. Family and friends all had suggestions and that was it; I was to be an Engineer. But the story of my foray into writing didn’t end there. I had lost the dream of writing as a career option, but I didn’t relinquish. And so I could establish a decent name through my works with some encouraging reviews.

I am also a part of the digital journalism,, a social media as managing editor of poems section.